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The Cleethorpes Shotokan Karate Club has been teaching Martial Arts in the Grimsby area since 2007. The club holds regular gradings, training seminars with visiting instructors and takes part in both local and national competitions. All of our coaches have full CRB checks, are fully qualified and insured and are focussed on helping you to achieve your personal training goals.

What you can expect when training at the Cleethorpes Shotokan Karate Club

Focus and concentration – Karate teaches children to give full focus and attention to what the instructor is saying and to develop their concentration through specific exercises. Remembering Japanese numbers, terms, and patterns of movements helps to sharpen memory skills.

Self confidence – Karate training is a great way to build confidence. As you progress through the belt ranks and gain more competence your self confidence will grow.

Fitness – Karate is great for working every muscle in your body. Punching and striking helps to develop the shoulder and back muscles, whilst kicking and stance work develops and tones leg muscles.

Self discipline – We work with students to develop their own initiative to improve. Like practicing your karate in your own time and taking responsibility for your own skill and level of fitness as you work towards your black belt.

Improve performance in other sports – Karate training with us develops your speed, agility, timing and co-ordination which are skills that will help you in any other sport.

Life Balance – Learning a martial art is a great way to have fun, meet interesting new people and get more out of life. Having a purpose and interest in life is a great way to increase your energy and happiness!

Safeguarding  – Please visit THIS LINK to our organisational safeguarding procedures.

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